February 10, 2016
  12.2 Types of Referral
  Self Referral
Any Participant or family member may call for information or arrange for confidential, short-term counseling to discuss a personal problem.

Management Referral
Management and supervisors may also assist an Eligible Employee in arranging confidential, short-term counseling when there has been a noticeable decline in an Employee’s work performance that has not been corrected by usual supervisory procedures, or where there are specific on the job incidents which indicate the presence of a personal problem. The focus of counseling services will be on the job implications of the situation, however, and not on the personal nature of the problem.

Counseling Services
Regardless of the method or type of referral, procedures followed by the EAP counselors are basically the same. The number of counseling sessions with the EAP will vary depending on the problems and individual circumstances required to formulate an action plan. The counselor’s primary objective is to first determine the nature of the personal problem. Secondly, the counselor will outline the best course of action to resolve the problem, and finally, will assist the individual in activating an action plan to obtain the best possible result. The EAP Counselors are also retained by the Fund to provide Mental Illness and Chemical Dependency predetermination, referral and case management services for Open Access III and Open Access Medicare Participants.
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